UltiMaker PP 500g


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UltiMaker PP 500g

UltiMaker PP (polypropylene) for S series is a durable, chemical resistant material. It has exceptional fatigue resistance, high levels of toughness, and a low-friction co-efficient. From electrical components to living hinges, PP is the go-to material for prototyping and end-use parts.


  • Ultimaker PP material is a versatile and durable choice for 3D printing applications. Here are some reasons to use it:
  • – It has high fatigue resistance, which means it can withstand repeated stress and strain without breaking or deforming.
  • – It has low friction and smooth surface finish, which makes it suitable for creating parts that need to slide or move smoothly, such as hinges, clips, or snap-fits.
  • – It has good chemical resistance, which means it can resist corrosion and degradation from exposure to various substances, such as acids, bases, or solvents.
  • – It has high heat resistance, which means it can withstand temperatures up to 105°C without losing its mechanical properties or shape.
  • – It has low density and high flexibility, which makes it lightweight and easy to bend or twist without cracking or snapping.

Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet


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