$215+GST per person

Training is delivered online via Teams or in ASt office - East Victoria Park, WA. Please indicate the date that you would like booked in at the comments section on checkout. If it's not indicated, we will be in touch shortly.

*Requires Core, Complete or Revu 20 Standard, CAD or eXtreme. For all others please contact us for options.

Looking for Customised Training? Speak to our friendly team on 1300 672 888 or training@advancedspatial.com.au.

This course is designed for new Revu users who have just started using the software, mainly for PDF CAD drawings. Zero knowledge required. Training is suitable for users of most Revu versions – Standard, CAD, eXtreme, Core or Complete. At the end of the training, students will be able to navigate around, create and edit PDFs, customise mark-ups and tool chest, measurements, and utilise the mark-up list for take-off and estimation. The students are required to bring along their laptop with software/trial installed (we can provide workstations if you are not able to do so). Each training session is limited to maximum 4 students  – we prefer a small and intimate group to maximise interaction & communication. 

Training Location: ASt office – Suite 2/8 Welshpool Road 6101, WA

Course Highlights: What You’ll Learn In our Bluebeam Revu Fundamentals Crash Course, you will explore the key functionalities of Bluebeam Revu, including:

-Navigating the user interface and customizing settings

-Creating, editing, and managing PDFs efficiently

-Utilising markup tools for collaboration and communication

-Leveraging measurement and quantity takeoffs

-Implementing advanced features to optimize your workflow

Enroll today in our crash course and take the first step towards mastering this cutting-edge software. Whether you’re a construction professional, architect, engineer, or project manager, our course will equip you with the skills to excel in your field.

When you choose our fundamentals course, you gain access to:

– Experienced instructors with a deep understanding of Bluebeam Revu

– Interactive sessions for real-world application

– Small class sizes to ensure personalized attention

Fundamentals Course
  1. Interface, Navigation and Profiles

    • Help Menu

    • Menu bar and toolbars

    • Panels, Panel Access

    • Profiles and profile management

    • PDF navigation

  1. Document Manipulation 

    • Insert Blank Page

    • Reorder

    • AutoMark to set page labels

    • Extract pages

    • Combining PDF’s

  1. Mark-up Tools

    • Working with Markup tools

    • Properties Panel/Toolbar

    • Creating Custom tool set

    • Adding to tool chest

    • Properties mode vs. Drawing mode

    • Image and Capture

    • Snapshot tool

    • Exporting Tool set

  1. Measurements

    • Calibration

    • Measurement Tools – Applicable to discipline

    • Visual Search and Count

  1. Markup List

    • Introduction to Markup List

    • Turning on/off columns

    • Custom Columns

    • PDF & CSV Summary

  2. Creating Symbols and Custom Line types

    • Creating symbols using drawing tools

    • Grouping

    • Line Style sets

    • Custom line styles

  4. Layers

    • Creating Layers

    • Using Layers

    • Markup layer

    • Assign markups to layers

  5. Legends

    • Creating legends

    • Legends as a markup

    • Add to tool set

    • Apply to all pages

  6. Document Comparison & Overlay Pages

    • Detecting Changes with revised sets via compare documents

    • Detecting Changes using overlay pages



Unlock the power of Bluebeam Revu with our comprehensive fundamentals course at ASt. Join us to gain hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and confidence in using this versatile software. Elevate your digital document management skills and boost your productivity today. Enroll now and take charge of your professional development journey!