UltiMaker CPE+ 700g


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UltiMaker CPE+

UltiMaker CPE+ material is chemical resistant with high dimensional stability, with the added advantages of increased temperature resistance and higher impact strength compared to regular CPE.



  • Ultimaker CPE+ is a high-performance material that offers excellent chemical resistance, toughness, and dimensional stability. It is ideal for applications that require strength, durability, and resistance to harsh environments. Some of the benefits of using Ultimaker CPE+ are:
  • – It has a high glass transition temperature of 100°C, which means it can withstand high temperatures without deforming or losing its properties.
  • – It has a high impact strength of 29 kJ/m2, which means it can absorb shocks and impacts without cracking or breaking.
  • – It has a low moisture absorption of 0.55%, which means it can maintain its quality and performance in humid conditions.
  • – It has a high chemical resistance to acids, alkalis, alcohols, oils, and greases, which means it can be used in corrosive or abrasive environments.
  • – It has a low friction coefficient of 0.35, which means it can reduce wear and tear and improve the smoothness of moving parts.
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