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Print high-strength composite materials with this wear resistant Print Core CC, for applications that require extra stiffness and rigidity.


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  • *Only compatible with Ultimaker S-Line 3D Printers
  • The UltiMaker Print Core CC features a tool steel nozzle with Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. This TiN coating is an extremely hard ceramic material and has improved reliability compared to the previous design.
  • The heater block is made of aluminium instead of brass which makes this design more efficient, as the conductivity is higher. The Print Core’s heat-break is now made of Titanium making it stronger, robust and more reliable.
  • Compatible with a wide range of composite 3D printing materials in the Ultimaker ecosystem, you’ll unlock the power to print high-strength applications that are ready for work.
  • Two nozzle sizes – 0.4 mm, enabling you to print detailed parts, tools, or prototypes with higher visual quality, and 0.6 mm, for shorter print times and improved efficiency – will result in easier optimisation of composite applications.
  • The UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.4’s smaller nozzle size means your prints will feature higher levels of detail, thinner line widths, and a smooth surface finish – enabling you to print parts or prototypes with the visual quality you need.
  • The UltiMaker Print Core CC 0.6 prints with bigger line widths, resulting in shorter print time, which means that your composite applications will be ready as quickly as possible – saving you time in a busy, hardworking environment that requires efficiency and speed. It is ideal for printing composite applications that don’t require a high level of detail.
  • For more info on how to print with UltiMaker Print Core CC, please visit UltiMaker’s guide here: How to use the CC 0.6 and 0.4 Print Core 


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