Stop paying to view the current set.

Bluebeam Drawings gives you the freedom to
view drawings for free on any device, anywhere.

Plans in the palm of your hand

Easily navigate through sets on your tablet or phone

Stay up to date with the latest revisions

Download drawings for offline viewing in the field

Get everyone on the same page


Upload drawings

Use the Bluebeam Drawings web app to easily upload your sets online


Drawings are automatically processed and organized

Your drawings are seamlessly named, versioned and linked for mobile-optimized viewing


Invite your teammates

Everyone with the Drawings app has equal access, from general contractors to subs


View drawings for free

Whether you need to view one sheet or 500, drawings are always free to view on any device

Need to upload to Drawings? Here’s how.

While anyone with the Bluebeam Drawings app can view drawings for free,
you’ll need Bluebeam® Revu® 2018 with Maintenance to upload.

I want to upload drawings and I'm a Revu license admin.

Here’s how to enable uploading based on your version of Revu.

Revu 2018

with Maintenance

Visit the Gateway to start adding and managing Drawings Uploaders. Once added, they’ll be able to upload drawings in the Bluebeam Drawings web app.

Revu 2018

without Maintenance

When Revu 2019 is released this fall, you’ll be able to upgrade and add Maintenance to your purchase. Subscribe to our newsletter for release updates. You can also contact us for other options.

Revu 2017

and older

If you have Maintenance, upgrade to Revu 2018. If you don’t have Maintenance, buy an upgrade and add Maintenance through our web store.

I want to upload drawings but I'm not a Revu license admin.

Contact your license admin and ask to be added as a Drawings Uploader in Bluebeam’s admin portal, the Gateway.